Good health is more than a number on the scales or the absence of disease.  It is mental and emotional wellbeing and meaningful relationships.  It is all the things that make for quality of life, not just a quantity of days.  It is a fine line of contentment that doesn’t lead to mediocrity.  It is … Continue reading “100 Healthy Tips for Living (Part 2)”

  Before I get started, I’m legally obligated to present this disclaimer. I am NOT a clinical person. I have no medical training, just education on Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and related dementias. I’m just here to share and to be of assistance to families we see professionally as we help them cope with family matters. … Continue reading “Just Aging… Or Something More?”

Though May is the “official” national Asthma Awareness Month, asthma is a year-round problem that takes its toll in terms of quality of life. In severe forms, it can even be life-threatening. Asthma is one of this country’s most common … and most costly … diseases. Based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, … Continue reading “Is Asthma Controlling Your Life?”

June is Men’s Health Month, so we’re tackling the top men’s health risks and how you can help protect yourself from them. Heart Disease It’s the number one killer for men, with the most common form being Coronary Artery Disease. A man’s risk of heart disease rises significantly starting at age 45, and 1 in … Continue reading “Top Health Risks for Men”