National Pastoral Care Week: Celebrating Those Who Help Us Keep the Faith

One moment, a Benedictine Sister, associate or Catholic priest might be praying with a man before he is wheeled into the operating room. Ten minutes later, they might be visiting and laughing with a child who has a broken leg or celebrating with a woman who has just given birth. Later still hospice or palliative care chaplains might be consoling a family who has lost a loved one to a terminal illness.

Pastoral Care team photoNo two days are the same for the St. Bernards Pastoral Care department.

Consisting of priests, Olivetan Benedictine sisters, associates and chaplains from palliative care, hospice house and hospice home care, the Pastoral Care team participates in holistic patient care, ministering to the spiritual needs of the patents and all involved in that patient’s care, including relatives, guardians and staff in a variety of settings and circumstances.

The Pastoral Care team is available for all patients, no matter their faith or denomination. If a patient is more comfortable with a representative from their home church or denomination, the Pastoral Care team works to make that connection.

Services provided by Pastoral Care include:

  • Spiritual care
  • Emotional support
  • Assisting with religious, cultural or ritual needs
  • Support in making difficult decisions for yourself or a loved one
  • Faith-specific religious guidance
  • Prayer support
  • Sacramental support
  • Worship services
  • Meditation

St. Bernards has a chapel available 24-7 for prayers and solitude for patients, family members and staff. A Pastoral Care staff member is also on-call 24-7 for urgent requests for prayer.

This week, we are celebrating the work of the St. Bernards Pastoral Care department, as we commemorate National Pastoral Care week. Thank you for all of the guidance and support you provide our patients throughout the year!

To learn more about our Pastoral Care department, please call 870.207.4559 or visit

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