Six Ways to Beat Allergy Season


With spring comes sunshine, outdoor activities and allergy season.  The weather is perfect, but pollen is circulating through the air and that can irritate your immune system. Follow these six steps to prevent a springtime full of a running nose and itchy eyes.

  • Build up your immune system: Before allergy season hits, begin combating allergies with a daily regimen of allergy medication, local honey, apples or any other immune-friendly food or supplement.
  • Keep doors and windows closed: Whether you’re riding in the car or hanging out at your house, keeping doors and windows closed will prevent pollen from sneaking into your home and causing allergies.
  • Turn on the air conditioner: Instead of opening a window to cool down, turn on the air conditioner. The beautiful weather is tempting, but your sinuses will thank you.
  • Spring cleaning: Take time to vacuum, dust and wipe down any area that could house allergens. Don’t clean once and call it quits. Continue this process throughout allergy season.
  • Wash your hands: Washing your hands prevents the spread of pollen. If you’ve been outside for an extended period of time you might also want to shower to ensure all allergens are washed away.
  • Replace air filters: Air filters pick up contaminants floating through your home. Throw out last year’s pollen, dust and dander. Replace your filters to improve indoor air quality.

If you are struggling with allergies and would like to visit further with a physician, check out to find the nearest doctor.

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