10 Habits That Can Cause Muscular Imbalances


Have you ever noticed that certain parts of your body seem a little too sore after a workout or long day? It could be a muscle imbalance.

Did you know that almost every major muscle in our body has a twin – right bicep, left bicep, or a partner, chest and back.

Sometimes, this discrepancy can be seen in the mirror, such as hunched shoulders. But often, a muscle imbalance can only be felt, like one arm being stronger than the other. Over time, these imbalances can worsen or lead to injury.

So, what causes these injuries?

The most common cause of a muscle imbalance is working one muscle or muscle group more than the other. For example, if you do more repetitions working your chest muscles than your back, an imbalance will occur over time. Daily activities can even cause these imbalances. Here are the top 10 daily habits that can lead to muscular imbalance:

  1. Sleeping on the same side
  2. Always leading with your dominant leg up the stairs
  3. Crossing your legs with the same leg on top
  4. Carrying bags on the same shoulder
  5. Using the same hand when holding items
  6. Putting all of your weight on one leg when standing
  7. Locking your knees
  8. Holding your phone or tablet at waist level
  9. Driving for extended periods of time
  10. Training one side more than the other when participating in sports or activities

How can you avoid or correct a muscle imbalance?

To avoid muscle imbalances, strive for a workout program that trains your entire body – upper, lower, front, back, left and right.

To correct muscle imbalances, train the weaker side more by increasing repetitions or weight on that side until you achieve balance. You should continue to train the stronger side to maintain your strength but do not progress until you achieve balance.


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