Have you ever noticed that certain parts of your body seem a little too sore after a workout or long day? It could be a muscle imbalance. Did you know that almost every major muscle in our body has a twin – right bicep, left bicep, or a partner, chest and back. Sometimes, this … Continue reading “10 Habits That Can Cause Muscular Imbalances”

  Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, making it important to catch skin abnormalities early. When self-examining, use the ABC system to help you remember the symptoms of melanoma: Asymmetrical: Check to see if one half of the area is different from the other. Borders: Examine the edges of the growth carefully. … Continue reading “The ABC’s of Melanoma: How to Recognize the Symptoms”

Doctors at St. Bernards are urging people in the area to receive skin cancer screenings. Skin cancer is the most easily diagnosed form of cancer and can be treated when caught in its early stages. Many people in the Northeast Arkansas area spend a significant amount of time outdoors, increasing their chances of getting skin … Continue reading “The Importance of Skin Cancer Screenings”

  With spring comes sunshine, outdoor activities and allergy season.  The weather is perfect, but pollen is circulating through the air and that can irritate your immune system. Follow these six steps to prevent a springtime full of a running nose and itchy eyes. Build up your immune system: Before allergy season hits, begin combating allergies … Continue reading “Six Ways to Beat Allergy Season”

The perfect hair, makeup, skin, body shape….all the things society and the media focus so much attention on and for many individuals can lead to negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. Each day millions of people fight a horrible monster called “Ed” which affects the brain and destroys a person’s body and is sometimes even fatal.  … Continue reading “Knowing the Early Signs of an Eating Disorder”

Many of us experience stress, grief and sadness regularly, but for some, these feelings can be overwhelming and debilitating. Mental health is a critical component of overall wellness, but many people don’t prioritize it. One in five adults have a mental health condition. That’s over 40 million Americans struggling with depression, grief, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and … Continue reading “Five Signs You Should See a Therapist”

Dr. Lance Tuetken always thought he would be a farmer. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, he began helping his father at an early age. He regularly helped mend fences, feed cattle and assist his dad any way he could. When he graduated from high school, Dr. Tuetken’s parents encouraged him to leave the … Continue reading “Physician Spotlight: Dr. Lance Tuetken”

Most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, according to the National Sleep Foundation. But getting a full night’s sleep can be tough, according to Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, pulmonologist and director of the St. Bernards Sleep Disorders Lab. “People are typically sleep deprived because we cram so much into our lives,” Dr. … Continue reading “Five Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep”